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Grew up in the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints and Roman Catholic traditions, including a stint at a Catholic school; somewhat sadly, before the point at which young women (people - not the misogynist Mormon class) wore kilts. Attended church until a teen, but held atheist sentiments from a young age, despite being in a family full of believers. This is a place for my thoughts regarding religion on both a personal level and relating to the world, of which I am a member... And Mormons say journals are a good thing :)

October 6, 2007

Gelatin Judgement

I've wondered for a long time why Mormons like green [insert gelatin brand of choice here] and couldn't come up with much:

  • Greenie is a term for new missionaries, who are people that are a big part of church culture.
  • Green is the colour of money in the country where Mormonism originated

There was never an abundance of gelatan products at chapel events, since most of the food was ethnic as my family attended a very ethnically diverse ward. Maybe someone else can answer: why do Mormons like green gelatin? Do Mormons even like green gelly?

Not the kind of gelatin you'd see at a Mormon party

Perhaps it's a personal thing, but I always prefered cherry, grape or even blue raspberry to lime.

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